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Attendance Policy

Board of Governance Policy #3040

(Revised June 30, 2020)


E-School Virtual Charter Academy recognizes the importance of consistent school attendance and the role it plays in a student’s academic success. Students are expected and required by Oklahoma law to attend school every day the school is in session, except on those occasions when the school has been notified that the child is ill, that a child has a family emergency or that a child’s absence has been pre- arranged with school officials. It is the student’s responsibility to make up any work that has been missed because of an absence. One-day make-up time is allowed for each day of absence unless each teacher has made other arrangements. The school may grant excused absences upon request of the parent/guardian for the following reasons: illness, accident, injury, medical or dental appointments, death in the family, religious holidays and emergency situations. Ten (10) absences that occur in one school semester that are either excused or unexcused may be grounds for non-credit recommendation.

Pursuant to 70 O.S. § 3-145.8 (Virtual Charter School Reform and Transparency Act of 2020):

  • E-School Virtual Charter Academy will utilize a Student Information System to keep a full and complete record of the attendance of all enrolled students.
  • The first date of attendance and membership shall be the first date the student completes an instructional activity.

  • A student will be considered in attendance for a quarter if the student:
    • Completes instructional activities on no less than 90% of the days within the quarter or
    • Is on pace for on-time completion of the course as defined by the Board of Governance
    • Completes no less than 72 instructional activities within the quarter
  • For a student who does not meet any of the above criteria the amount of attendance shall be the greater of:
    • the number of school days during which the student completed the instructional activities during the quarter
    • the number of school days proportional to the percentage of the course that has been completed
    • the number of school days proportional to the percentage of the required minimum number of completed instructional activities during the quarter
  • For the purposes of this section, “instructional activities” shall include instructional meetings with a teacher, completed assignments that are used to record a grade for a student that is factored into the student’s grade for the semester during which the assignment is completed, testing, and school-sanctioned field trips and orientation.
  • Any student that is behind pace and does not complete an instructional activity for a fifteen-school-day-period shall be withdrawn for truancy. The virtual charter school shall submit a notification to the parent or legal guardian of a student who has been withdrawn for truancy or is approaching truancy

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