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Phillip Hughes

Phillip Hughes

Classes: 6-8 Grade Social Studies

Hello everybody!

My name is Phillip Hughes and I teach middle school social studies. I grew up in the United Kingdom, spending most of my time in the cities of Chester and London. I moved to Oklahoma in 2016, in order to allow my wife to live closer to her family in Broken Arrow. Since moving to the United States we have still continued to travel, with our favorite trip being to New Zealand in 2017!

I first became a teacher in 2011 through a teach abroad program in the Republic of Georgia. I accepted the opportunity as a way to travel, broaden my horizons, and gain some real world skills beyond what I had learned at university. The experience of being in the classroom changed my life and I went on to teach in South Korea, the UK, Arizona, and of course Oklahoma!

Since 2011 I have worked as an educator and with various nonprofit organizations also, many of which were heavily involved in the education sector. Part of my experience both as a teacher, and with nonprofits in education, has been through virtual instruction. I relish the accessibility that the virtual environment provides, with many opportunities available to students in every part of the State, some of which they wouldn't be able to access otherwise.

As a teacher I enjoy spending time getting to know students, and have a particular passion for my subject area! Social studies being the story of our past, and how a greater understanding of that story can benefit our future.

Thank you for reading!



For a deeper insight into what is happening on a weekly basis in social studies, please visit my Planbook page here!

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