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Rosie Hamilton

Rosie Hamilton

Classes: 6-8 Grade ELA


I am originally from Minnesota and moved to Oklahoma just a few years back. I met my husband, finished my bachelor's degree at UCO, and started a family, so I now call Oklahoma home, and love it! This is my third year teaching at E-School and my second year as the ELA instructor. I truly believe that we as teachers and anyone who works in education have one of the greatest jobs. We get to invest in the next generation. We get to help sow the seeds and watch how education makes a direct impact on the lives of children. How educators and schools invest in their students' lives now will greatly impact what they do in the future. Virtual education allows students to take more ownership of their education, have flexibility with their learning, and engage in courses in a way that is just simply not possible in person. Virtual students become masters at problem-solving and time management skills, which sets them apart in their careers as students. Virtual learning allows teachers to access and show students different places, programs, and platforms that we do not have the opportunity to in person. I love hearing students talk about how virtual school has allowed them to engage in other activities and sports that they may not be able to other