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Scarlett Cox

Scarlett Cox

Classes: 6-12 Grade Spanish

Hola! My name is Scarlett Cox and I am the Spanish and electives teacher here at Eschool. My degree is from Oklahoma State University but I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela which is where I learned Spanish and where my love of traveling and different cultures came from. As an adult, I have enjoyed opportunities to travel to many different countries and meet wonderful people from all over the world. Being bilingual has been such a blessing in my travels but also in my everyday life! Knowing how to speak several languages offers a unique set of opportunities in understanding other cultures and people. This is one of the biggest reasons I went into education, to educate and to inspire teens to get out of their comfort zones and get to know a part of the world beyond Oklahoma! There’s so many cool experiences in travel and sometimes it takes just knowing one person to cheer you on.

This is my third year as a teacher but my first year in the virtual classroom. I have tutored virtually but never in a formal virtual classroom. I love the flexibility it offers me and the students. This is an opportunity that I would have loved to have growing up!