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  • What is a charter school?

    A charter school is an accredited school that operates as a local education agency, separate from the local district for the purposes of reporting and accountability. “A virtual charter school shall be subject to the same reporting requirements, financial audits, audit procedures, and audit requirements as a school district.”

  • Is E-School only virtual?

    Yes, E-School Virtual Charter Academy is a fully virtual public school that is operated completely online. This allows our students to have flexible schedules and work at their own pace.

  • How do I withdraw my child?

    If you have decided to withdrawal your student from ESVCA please use the Contact Us information for the most efficient process. Please also make arrangements to return all E-School issued devices.

  • What is E-Schools break schedule?

    You can access our board approved school calendar under the “Our School” heading at the top of the home page.

  • Do I have to pay for my child to attend E-School?

    No, E-School is a free charter school that is funded by the state department just like all other public schools. You will not have to pay any tuition for your child to attend ESVCA.

  • When does enrollment start?

    Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is open unless decided otherwise.

  • Can I choose what classes to enroll my child in?

    Yes, as long as the student stays on track with the state’s mandatory curriculum for graduation. Some courses may require pre-requisites, and therefor may not be available for enrollment. If you are unsure, please contact an academic counselor by visiting our Teacher Directory page.

  • How do I return E-School devices?

    To return a device, please email

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