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Life Skills Electives


ACT Test Preparation


Driven by the award-winning Learning Positioning System®, this online adaptive ACT course is designed specifically to meet the standards of the ACT exam. Students will experience how our technology-enabled course is changing the way your students learn and achieve on standardized tests, delivering trillions of Personalized Learning Paths to meet their exact performance and potential per lesson area. This internationally available, multi-award-winning, adaptive online course is designed to increase student scores a minimum of 3 ACT points, with a historical track record of 5 ACT points!

Pre-Requisites: N/A
Estimated Completion Time:

Major Topics and Concepts

ACT: English and Reading:

  • Conventions of Standard English
  • Sentence Structure and Formation
  • Usage and Punctuation
  • Production of Writing
  • Knowledge of Language
  • Key Ideas and Details
  • Craft and Structure
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

ACT: Math and Science:

  • Number and Quantity
  • Basic Algebra
  • Advanced Algebra
  • Functions
  • Linear Geometry
  • Advanced Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Scientific Reasoning

Health I: Life Management Skills


Think about the healthiest person you know. What does that person do to stay healthy? While some parts of our health are determined by genetics and other factors out of our control, the reality is that each of us has the ability to impact our health in positive ways. In Health 1: Life Management Skills, you’ll learn how to promote better health, less stress, and a fuller life for yourself. You’ll explore lifestyle factors that can influence your health, from how you interact with others to how best to make decisions about your health care. You’ll also have the opportunity to create a plan for improving your health, and you’ll learn how to create a healthy environment with family and friends to help you achieve your health goals.

Credits: 0.5
Estimated Completion Time:

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Unit 1: What is Health?
  • Unit 2: Factors That Determine Health
  • Unit 3: Health and the Community
  • Unit 4: Perception Versus Reality
  • Unit 5: Is There a Doctor in the House?
  • Unit 6: Working Together for Health
  • Unit 7: Taking Responsibility for Your Health
  • Unit 8: Sharing the Health

Personal and Family Finance


We all know money is important in life. But how important? In fact, the financial decisions you make today may have a lasting effect on your future. Rather than feeling anxious about money feel empowered by learning how to make smart decisions! Personal and Family Finance will begin the conversation around how to spend and save your money wisely, investing in safe opportunities and the days ahead. Learning key financial concepts around taxes, credit, and money management will provide both understanding and confidence as you begin to navigate your own route to future security. Discover how education, career choices, and financial planning can lead you in the right direction to making your life simpler, steadier, and more enjoyable.

Credits: 0.5
Estimated Completion Time: 1 segment/16-18 weeks

Major Topics and Concepts

  • American Families and the Economy
  • Our Economic World
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Financial Institutions
  • Personal Taxation
  • Insurance, Wills, and Contracts
  • Saving and Investing
  • Consumer Credit
  • Managing Personal and Family Finances
  • Consumer Choices

Thinking and Learning Strategies


In this course, students will “coach” their “team” of thinking skills to meet academic challenges. Through reading, writing, and math activities, students develop critical thinking skills and test-taking strategies. Students also gain reading, writing, organization, and study strategies–a powerful one-two punch for any student at any level!

Pre-Requisites: None
Credits: 0.5
Estimated Completion Time: 1 semester / 18 weeks

Major Topics and Concepts

Module 01: Meet Your Team

  • Course Overview
  • Bloom’s Thinking Skills
  • Reading, Writing, and Math pretests

Module 02: Know the Rules of the Game

  • Prereading/During Reading Strategies
  • Stated/Implied Main Idea of Text
  • Common Math Terminology and Formulas
  • Understanding/Analyzing Writing Prompts
  • Scoring Rubrics/Sample Papers

Module 03: Train Your Brain

  • Analyzing Reading Questions
  • Using Supporting Details
  • Vocabulary In Context
  • Understanding The Five Math Strands
  • Level II Math Problems
  • Brainstorming/Planning The Essay
  •  Writing Introductions/Conclusions

Module 04: Practice the Plays

  • Compare/Contrast Reading Questions
  • Cause/Effect Reading Questions
  • Math Questions Combining Strands
  • Math – Short/Extended Response Questions
  • Supporting Details In Essay Writing
  • Strong Verbs/Descriptive Writing

Module 05: Go For the Gold

  • Tone/Attitude Reading Questions
  • Multiple Reading Passages
  • Math Questions Covering All Five Strands
  • Review Of All Math Question Types
  • Sentence Variety In Essays
  • Conventions
  • Scoring Practice

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